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Хотелът предлага на своите гости голям Уелнес център с парна баня, сауна, лакониум, леден кът, релакс зона, хидромасажни вани. На място се предлагат и най-разнообразни масажи и процедури. До уелнес рецепцията е оборудвана малка зала за фитнес. Закритият плувният басейн на хотела е с размери 15х6,5 м, с дълбочина от 1,20 до 1,40 м и температура на водата 29° C. Басейнът е уникално разположен на нивото на минаващата до хотела писта, така че плувайки гостите на хотела могат да се наслаждават на минаващите скиори.

Steam bath

The temperature of 40-45 degrees C and 100 % humidity of the air is constantly maintained in the steam bath. The steam passes through different ether oils, to clean and hydrate your body. The natural aromas and the steam inhalation will give you relaxation.


The sauna maintains 90 degrees C. In that place the body gets rid of the accumulated toxins and it will make you feel fresh.
As the jet of water pours over the hot stones, small droplets fall on specially selected flowers and herbs that, with increasing humidity, give off a pleasant aroma.


The Roman patrician had discovered that the natural warmth, which comes from laconium is an excellent way to eliminate toxins from your body. The walls are heated to 65 degrees C and you get sweat in 15-20 minutes. The warming slowly to the body makes your blood and makes you soft and strong.

Massage and scrub therapies

We offer a wide variety of massages – from classic (Swedish) massage to massages with honey, volcanic stones, chocolate, anti-cellulite massage, etc. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, our experienced and professional massage therapists will explain the advantages of each massage and offer you the best one for the purpose.

Scrubbing is an ancient face and body cleansing technique that removes the surface layer of dead skin cells. We offer several types of peeling therapies, and our employees will familiarize you with the procedures in detail and offer you the most suitable program.

Hydromassage baths with crystals and mineral salts

Three factors “work” in every Wellness Center: the heat, immersion of the body in water and the massage. Together they create an extremely relaxing and soothing effect. And to the good hydromassage, adding the pleasant solitude and the effect of the mineral salts, the twenty minutes in the bath will renew you spiritually and emotionally. We offer single and double hot tubs.

Outdoor jacuzzi and sauna

After an exciting day on the slopes, you can continue enjoying the great outdoors by visiting our new outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna!
Relax fully, while breathing in fresh mountain air during the day, or gift yourself a luxurious experience under the stars in our new Jacuzzi. You can then take advantage of our outdoor sauna – the contrast in temperatures will refresh and rebalance you.

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